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Ampere Games - Console provides comprehensive historic and forecast data in over 30 markets covering the entirety of the console market, including hardware, connectivity and content consumption. Covering 17 individual consoles, historical data starts from 2006 and forecasts extend to five years, giving clients a deep understanding of the market dynamics of the core part of games sector country-by-country and device-by-device.

The service also includes console-related consumer research comprising bi-annual waves of surveys interviewing 50,000 respondents across 12 countries tracking console ownership, ownership overlap, ownership sentiment and segmentation. This additional research gives clients a truly holistic view of the segment. The data applications are augmented by a regular pipeline of console market reports, commentary and access to well-established games-sector analysts.

Key metrics include:

  • Console hardware sales, installed base and online connectivity
  • Console physical and digital software sales by platform, country
  • Market share statistics
  • Console ownership overlap
  • Console gamer demographics
Data in the service is updated quarterly
Covers 30+ markets worldwide

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