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Date: 27 Oct 2022

Cross-Platform: Avenues for content distribution in the US and Europe

In this webinar, Analyst Joe Hall delves into how the largest entertainment companies distribute their content across their OTT platforms and linear channels. Using data from Ampere’s Analytics - Cross Platform product, the presentation will explore the strategies of mass media companies in the USA, and highlight how European broadcasters are adapting their strategies to keep pace.


Date: 11 Oct 2022

South Korea’s TV and OTT market: A global opportunity

As Korean content gains attraction and popularity on the global stage, Senior Analyst Orina Zhao will look at the South Korean TV and OTT market, including the major players and their catalogues, market share, recent market M&A activities, and consumer content preferences. The webinar will also analyse Korean content across the world, including its increased distribution among some of the world’s biggest SVoD platforms, and will explore the further scope for exporting Korean content onto the global OTT space.


Date: 22 Sep 2022

Games vs. Video: The future of the attention economy in the US

Human attention is a limited commodity in a world saturated with media, and competition for it is fierce; how we distribute our attention is a daily undertaking. In this webinar, Senior Analyst Louise Shorthouse will provide insight into the evolving state of the attention economy and the disruptive trends shaping its future.


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