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We deliver a series of online services, underpinned by our three core methodologies, which integrate together to provide a rich and deep dataset covering: 

Markets - company-level coverage of more than 1,000 pay TV, SVoD and telecoms operators globally 

Consumer - regular, panel-based profiling of 90,000 households in 22 countries

Analytics - title-level tracking of TV shows and movies across hundreds of distribution platforms globally




Ampere is a market-leading data, research and analytics firm, specialising in media, content and communications. Our clients include the leading Hollywood Studios, broadcasters, pay TV operators, investment banks and consulting firms.


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Epic versus Apple: Epic’s strategic ambitions collide with Apple

This report examines the strategic ambition of Epic and answers why it has come into conflict with Apple over App Store policies.


OTT dynamics in a post COVID world

This report provides an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the OTT markets in Western Europe and the US, and includes analysis of the acceleration of online video service adoption, the opportunity for future OTT growth in international markets, and the important role service aggregators are set to play in the future.


Ampere Reports_

24/11/2020  Alexios Dimitropoulos, Hazel Ford
SVoD stacking in 2020: USA and EU big five
This report provides an overview of SVoD and Content stacking in the USA and the EU big five. The new SVoD launches have driven SVoD stacking up while content seems to follow the same trend for now.

24/11/2020  Tingting Li
Top performing Netflix titles: Week 47
This profile looks at the top 10 list on Netflix globally over the week 16/11/2020 - 22/11/2020 and provides insight on the most popular titles currently on Netflix.

20/11/2020  Richard Cooper
Theatrical to grow more rapidly from 2021
Global gross box office revenues are now forecast to reach $11bn by year end 2020, 25% of our original gross revenue estimate for 2020 ($44.5bn) published in January 2020.

19/11/2020  Rahul Patel
Global box office: With Hollywood on hold, Asia gains ground
As cinemas were shuttered to contain the spread of COVID-19, Hollywood studios delayed the releases of their biggest titles. This profile compares US blockbusters-and their reliance on a global audience-to the relative independence of major APAC markets, and considers how the events of 2020 have accelerated pre-pandemic trends in the fragmented worldwide theatrical sector.

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