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Date: 8 Dec 2022

The Men’s World Cup 2022 – where does FIFA go from here?

Senior Analyst Ben McMurray will look at how consumer interest for the FIFA Men’s World Cup has changed over time, and how that has affected the value of its broadcasting rights. Leveraging data from Ampere’s wide range of sports datasets, the presentation will also assess FIFA’s opportunities to grow the competition further, from an audience as well as from a financial point of view.


Date: 9 Nov 2022

The evolution of cross-media franchises and IP

In this webinar, Research Manager Lottie Towler will delve into how games companies and SVoD platforms are actively competing with legacy media companies to invest in cross-media franchises, as audiences increasingly seek out familiar IP across games, TV and movies, and as the Metaverse starts to emerge.


Date: 27 Oct 2022

How are streaming services adapting their content strategies to grow?

Nick Thomas is joined by Rahul Patel, Mayssa Jamil and Jack Genovese to discuss the weaknesses of Netflix's movie strategy compared to its TV series offering, the rise of big-budget franchises funded by the global streaming services and the role of sports rights in the streaming wars, and why we shouldn't expect Netflix to get involved anytime soon.


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